Roses in a Red Vase oil painting 28 x 24 cms SOLD

‘Two Pink Roses’ oil painting 23 x 22 cms SOLD

‘Laburnum and Rhododendrons’ oil painting 27 x 27 cms at Finzean Farm Shop

‘Rhododendron and Rose’ 25 x 20 cms SOLD
‘Flowers in a Wineglass’ oil painting 32 x 23 cms at the FRASER GALLERY St Andrews
‘Roses and Mock Orange’ oil painting 43 x 42 cms
‘Nasturtiums on Red’ oil painting 36 x 30 cms SOLD
‘Two Red Gerberas’ oil painting 30 x 20 cms LOST GALLERY Strathdon
study for ‘Rose and Protea’ charcoal and acrylic on panel 57 x 42 cms SOLD
‘Nasturtiums in a Japanese Vase’ oil painting 32 x 25 cms SOLD
‘Lilies and Peonies’ charcoal and acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 cms SOLD
‘Lene’s Flowers’ charcoal and acrylic on canvas 40 x 40 cms
‘Honeysuckle in a Japanese Vase’ 60 x 40 cms charcoal and acrylic on canvas SOLD
‘Rhododendrons in a Glass’ pencil and acrylic on canvas 38 x 32 cms SOLD
‘Rose in a Tall Vase’ oil paint on canvas 95 x 75 cms
‘Rose and Lily in Sam’s Vase’ 38 x 28 cms oil painting LOST GALLERY, STRATHDON
‘Roses in a Chinese Vase’ 37x 27 cms pencil and acrylic on paper LOST GALLERY, STRATHDON

John Paul Raine, artist, specialising in painting ‘teapots and flowers’, with occasional landscapes, portraits and life drawings. Born 27 January 1948. Living in Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland. 

You may have been directed here from my website which is no longer in use.

These days I work full time as an artist, painting Vases of Flowers and teapots with flowers. I practice Transcendental Meditation, but belong to no particular spiritual school nor follow any individual teaching.


Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen

Eion Stewart Fine Art, Stonehaven

Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkudbright

Gallery Q, Dundee


The Traditional and Decorative Art Group, Aberdeen Art Gallery 1992

Haddo House, Arts Festival 2015

John Green Fine Art, Glasgow 2017

I have had very few solo exhibitions (they are expensive and time consuming) and generally I sell my work in group shows in the galleries named above. I do not sell paintings from this website. Recent work can be seen on Instagram: john_paul_raine